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TECU Members’ Health Plan

TECU introduces its group medical plan called TECU Members’ Health Plan which provides medical coverage for members and their family.

 You must be a member of TECU to access the Medical Expense Benefit up to Four Hundred Thousand Dollars ($400,000)**.

Medical coverage is provided at the following monthly premiums:

  • Member Health Premium- $250
  • Member Plus One Health Premium- $450
  • Member Plus Family Health Premium- $700


Click here to view the health plan’s schedule of benefits. 

All applicants will be provided with a complimentary Premier Discount Card. 

Here’s what you need to signup for the TECU Members’ Health Plan:

  1. Two (2) valid government issued picture identification
  2. Recent utility bill- not older than 3 months (If the utility bill is not on the applicant’s name, written consent and valid identification are required from the bill owner consenting use of the utility bill)
  3. Valid identification for dependants- a copy of the birth certificate and legal documents (for adopted children) are required for children under the age of 18. Marriage certificate or affidavit (for Common-Law) is also required for spouses.
  4. University letter certifying attendance at a full-time school (Annual requirement for children 19-23 years)


You can access a full list of the Total Benefits Network Specialists here.


Call 800-TECU (8328) to signup today!



**This coverage is renewable every three (3) years for persons under the age of 65 years. This is a one time lifetime coverage for persons over the age of 65 years.