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New Vehicle 0.49%-0.6%
Character 1%
RORO/Used Vehicle 1%
1ST Mortgage 0.5%
2ND Mortgage 0.58%
Fully-secured 0.75%

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Debit Cards

TECU introduces the LinCU Active Card to its members.

The LinCU Active Card, is an international co-branded debit Mastercard that allows members to access funds at the credit union electronically. This electronic payment system allows members to access their funds globally.

The card has four (4) main advantages for members:




Get 24-hour worldwide access to your funds

  • Accepted anywhere in the world the Mastercard symbol is displayed
  • Accepted at all stores with the Mastercard symbol locally or internationally
  • Check your balance online or at any ATM
  • Enjoy the ability to load your card with TTD but pay for purchases in any currency when you are travelling abroad.
  • Make purchases and withdrawals: TTD$10,000 per day at point-of-sale locations (up to 15 purchases) and ATMs (inclusive)
  • Shop online from the comfort of your home

Do business at the credit union faster and easier

  • No need to stand in line waiting for cheques
  • No need to wait for cheques to clear
  • Get your loan proceeds deposited directly to the card
  • No need to stand in line for withdrawals
  • Get dividends and interest payments quickly and easily on the card
  • Load your card at any TECU branch or online with TECH-U E-Services

Personal Financial Planning

Helping you save

  • Supports you in achieving your financial goals.
  • Establish monthly spending targets and stick to them with this great cash management tool.
  • Your savings remain intact as the card is not attached to the members’ savings or share accounts.
  • Book any TECU resort with your card and save 5%

Budgeting made easy

  • Simply pay for your purchases with your LinCU Card
  • Review your detailed monthly LinCU Statement which is also available online
  • Have up to five (5) co-cards on your card
  • It’s that easy!


  • No need to carry lots of cash which can be lost or stolen
  • State-of-the-art fraud monitoring protects your funds
  • Security and assistance from Mastercard
  • Chip and pin security
  • Queries can be done anytime, anywhere in the world by calling 62-FIRST



LinCu Application Requirements

1) Two (2) forms of Valid Identification (i.e. National Identification Card, Driver’s Permit, Passport)
2) Proof of Address must carry applicant’s name (i.e. Utility Bill or in default Bank Statement – must be within 3 mths.)
N.B. If the utility bill is not on the applicant’s name, written consent and valid identification are required from the bill owner to use the bill
3) Proof of Employment / Income (Job Letter – within 3 mths. /Payslip – within 1 mth. or recent Pension Statement)

LinCU Application Form available here.

Managing your debit card

Cost to credit union members

An annual fee of TT$100 entitles cardholders to:

  • Up to TT $30,000 for point-of-sale transactions at no extra cost (no per-transaction fees)
  • International and Online Purchases
  • Access to all ATMs displaying the Mastercard Symbol
  • Up to TT $30,000 at ATMs (up to 5 cash advances)

Ready to apply?

Apply for your debit card online and get a response within 60 minutes (applicable during working hours).

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