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Products & Services

Satisfied? Loyal? Happy? How about all of the above? TECU’s customers remark time and again about their satisfaction with our services, our staff, and our products. Come in and see what they’re talking about.


Character Loans

An unsecured loan that is made on the basis of the borrower’s reputation and credit.

Vehicle Loans

A vehicle loan is a loan used to purchase an automobile. This type of a loan is a secured loan, which means the vehicle serves as collateral on the debt.

Mortgage Loans

A Mortgage loan, also referred as a mortgage, is used by individuals and businesses to make large real estate purchases without paying the entire value of the purchase up front.

Loan Rates

Get more out of your money with our fantastic loan rates.

Loan Type Interest Rate (Reducing Balance)
New Vehicle 0.49
Character 1%
RORO/Used Vehicles 1%
1st Mortgage 0.50%
2nd Mortgage 0.58%
Fully-secured 0.40%

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Saving, Investments & Insurance

Share Savings

A share savings account with a $5 minimum balance establishes and maintains your credit union membership.

Fixed Deposit

A Fixed Deposit account is less liquid than a savings account, meaning you must invest your money for a specific length of time. The longer the duration and the higher the investment amount, the greater the interest rate.


TECU Insurance Agency offers a complete line of Insurance products and affordable premiums at group rates. Our courteous and professional staff will recommend the most suitable coverage for you and your family.

TECU Resorts

Choose from any one of our serene beach resorts in Balandra or Tobago.

Debit Cards

Access funds at the credit union electronically with our co-branded card.