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TECU Youth

After three generations of existence, TECU recognizes that in order to maintain our high standards and excellent performance in the Credit Union Movement, the society must take secure its future through Succession Planning.

Reward for Excellence, Personal Development, Career Pathing, Financial Planning, TECU Success Club: these are just a few programs that TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited has embarked upon for our Youth Development Plan.

Our youths are our most valuable asset and TECU is poised to protect and develop that asset by focusing on our young members as evidenced in our Strategic Plans.

TECU seeks to empower, educate, recognize, reward and teach them to appreciate volunteerism and most importantly expose them to the Credit Union Philosophy: a philosophy that has been fundamental in TECU’s operations and vision.

As we strive to sow the seeds of prosperity, we hope to reap the rewards of longevity through our youths. They must inherit and practice the TECU culture since, after seventy years, the drum now beats to a different rhythm.

TECU provides fantastic opportunities for Our Youth!

S.E.A. Bursaries

In keeping with and strengthening its commitment to education and youth, TECU Credit Union annually awards Tertiary and S.E.A. bursaries to its members and children of members. TECU aims to provide financial support for young persons to academically develop. In providing these bursaries, we fulfill our corporate responsibility, and reinforce our commitment of ‘Creating and Securing Your Future’. Download SEA Bursary Application 2017 here.

Tertiary Bursaries

TECU’s management recognized that many of its members were expressing concern about the academic performance and personal development of their children. In 2004, in recognition of this and in strengthening our commitment to youth development, the tertiary bursary programme was launched. The programme offers tertiary bursaries to members or children of members between the ages of 17-25, pursing full time tertiary level education.

TECU is committed to follow the career of its bursary recipients, while providing products and services along with character-building sessions to aid in their development and success.

TECU Internship Programme

As part our ongoing initiative to assist in the professional development of the student body within its membership, in 2005 TECU launched its first internship programme. The internship programme currently runs annually during the period July-August. The interns are assigned to the various disciplines within the organization to obtain an insight into the Credit Union’s operations. Students are presented with an opportunity to acquire hands-on experience in the real world of work, in all of TECU’s Departments.

School Outreach Programme

TECU’s strategic plan for the development of its members has realized the execution of numerous training and education programs for its members. In many countries around the world, Credit Unions are perceived, unfortunately, as organizations which cater to mature people. TECU has sought to change that perception by reaching out to the children of our members, promoting an awareness of the Credit Union and its operations and by extension, the Credit Union movement.

The TECU Youth Outreach Programme aims at sharing the principles, values, and objectives of Credit Unionism, with young people. The programme, which is conducted by a team of Credit Union staff, involves visits to schools, the distribution of literature, the delivery of a short lecture and the establishment of Credit Union cells within the school system. TECU looks forward to an upsurge of youthful members joining the Credit Union as a consequence of this programme.