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New Vehicle 0.49%-0.6%
Character 1%
RORO/Used Vehicle 1%
1ST Mortgage 0.5%
2ND Mortgage 0.58%
Fully-secured 0.75%

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Joining TECU

Can I apply?

TECU Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited is open to:

  • Any person employed with one of our affiliated companies.
  • All other persons provided that they are recommended by a member of three (3) years in good standing.

Application Process

    1. Complete the Application for Membership Form
    2. Have it stamped by the affiliated company as a recommender or signed by an Individual Member.
    3. Proof of Address must carry applicant’s name (i.e. Utility Bill or Bank Statement- not older than 3 months)
      N.B. If the utility bill is not on the applicant’s name, written consent and valid identification are required from the bill owner to use the bill.
    4. Two forms of valid government issued picture identification
    5. Joint Partner’s / Beneficiary’s Valid Identification (i.e. National Identification Card, Driver’s Permit, Passport).
    6. Joint Partner (minimum age 14 years) must be a member of TECU Credit Union.
    7. Proof of Employment and Income (Job Letter- not older than 3 months and Payslip/Pension Statement- not older than 1 month).
    8. Applicable to foreigners / non-residents only – A reference letter is required as confirmation / evidence of prospective member’s relationship with their foreign bank. (Legal requirement).
    9. Present the form to the office with an initial deposit of $300.00.

Apply Online

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Membership Application

Joint Stock Account Agreement

Your joint partner MUST be a member of TECU.