FAQs on Transfers

How can I conduct an ACH transaction and how long does it take for funds to be debited to the bank?

ACH requests can be made in-branch or via our TECH-U EServices platform.

  • In-branch the Member’s account is debited immediately
  • Via TECH-U E-Services it can take up to 48 business hours before the Member’s account is debited

What is my Automated Clearing House (ACH) Transfer limit?

Outgoing ACH – There is no limit for in-branch ACH transactions. There is a transaction maximum limit and daily transaction limit of $10,000.00 for ACH transactions initiated via TECH-U E-Services.


Incoming ACH – There is no transaction limit for incoming ACH Transactions. However, all single or aggregate transactions $20,000.00 and over require the completion of a Source of Funds Declaration Form.

How can I transfer funds from my bank to TECU?