FAQs on Services

What special facility/provision is currently available to differently abled Members to transact business at TECU?

Differently abled Members are advised to contact the Operations Department at least one (1) day prior to their scheduled visit. Contact can be made via phone at TECU’s toll free number 800-TECU (8328) or via email at administration@tecutt.com.

Does the Credit Union have an ATM card?

TECU has partnered with LinCU Ltd who, through First Citizens Bank, offer our membership a LinCU Active Debit Card.


This card is a reloadable debit card. The Cardholder simply loads funds via their Credit Union onto the LinCU ‘Active Card’ and is free to spend anywhere in the world. To learn more about the LinCU Debit Card please visit https://tecutt.com/products-services/debit-cards/

Does TECU offer business accounts?

No. TECU does not offer business accounts. TECU offers membership to individuals, according to the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, companies cannot be deemed members of a credit union. That being said, however, business owners are free open personal share accounts so as to manage funds earned from business or otherwise.

Does TECU exchange foreign currency?

No. TECU does not accept foreign currency. Only foreign cheques are accepted, and they must be made payable to TECU Credit Union. Foreign cheques are placed on a thirty (30) business day hold before being available for withdrawal.

Can I transfer from my TECU account to a foreign bank?

No. TECU can only facilitate local bank transfers.