Donation and Sponsorship Requests

E-Donation and Sponsorship Requests

We are committed to supporting our communities.

TECU Southern Titans - Women's T-20 Cricket Tournament

Good corporate citizenship is at the core of TECU's operations.

TECU is now accepting online requests for donations and sponsorship.

Applicants can now submit their requests via our website. This change will eliminate the need for the requesting body to print and mail requests, which can decrease turnaround time.

This new process is intended to increase your ease of application and streamline funds disbursement, as we partner with you, as a good corporate citizen in your work in the communities of Trinidad and Tobago.

Submit Your Request

Here are a few documents you may require to submit your request:

  • Copy of the donation request
  • Letter with bank details for the organisation. This letter must be placed on the organisation’s letterhead. This document is required for organization’s with an active bank account. Click here for a letter template.
  • Copy of NGO certificate (if available).
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    Contact Person

    Kindly complete the following information for the request’s contact.