TECU Youth Development

With the understanding that the youth are the future, TECU’s commitment to creating and securing your future includes the provision of opportunities for our young TECU community.  We seek to empower, educate, recognize, reward and teach our youth to appreciate volunteerism and most importantly expose them to the Credit Union Philosophy.

As we strive to sow the seeds of prosperity, we hope to reap the rewards of longevity through our youth.

Our youth are our most valuable asset and TECU is intent upon protecting and developing that asset by focusing on our young members as evidenced in our Strategic Plans.

TECU Bursary

In keeping with and strengthening its commitment to education and youth, TECU Credit Union annually awards S.E.A and Tertiary bursaries to its members and children of members.

TECU aims to provide financial support for young persons to academically develop. In providing these bursaries, we fulfill our corporate responsibility, and reinforce our commitment to ‘Creating and Securing Your Future’.

General Criteria

To qualify for a TECU bursary, the Applicant (parent/child):


  • must be a member of TECU for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • must have a minimum share balance of $2,500.00.
  • must have an account in good standing.


Note that application forms are only made available online when we are accepting bursary applications. Members will be notified accordingly.

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S.E.A Bursary

Application is valid for current year of examination only. Bursaries will be awarded based on merit.


All application forms must be submitted with copies of:

  • S.E.A. Student Performance Report
  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Guardianship (If applicable)

Tertiary Bursary

The student must be entering the first year of a degree programme and must be under twenty-one (21) years.


All application forms must be submitted with copies of:

  • Student’s Birth Certificate
  • Examination transcript(s)
  • Acceptance Letter from the relevant Tertiary Institution

TECU Internship Programme

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Create the future you want

As part of our ongoing initiative to assist in the professional development of the student body within its membership, TECU offers an Internship Programme which runs annually during the period July-August. Interns are assigned to the various disciplines within the organization to obtain an insight into the Credit Union’s operations. Students are afforded an opportunity to acquire hands-on work experience throughout the organization.

Ready to apply?

For a unique opportunity to learn outside of an academic setting and become acquainted with goal specific tasks and skills, apply for your spot as one of TECU’s interns.

Note that the application form will only be made available online when the application window is open. Members will be duly notified.

TECU Youth Outreach Programme

The TECU Youth Outreach Programme aims at sharing the principles, values, and objectives of the credit union with young people. TECU’s strategic plan for the development of its members, has realized the execution of numerous training and education programmes, with the goal of promoting awareness of the Credit Union and its operations, and by extension the credit union movement.


The programme, which is conducted by a team of staff members, involves visits to schools, the distribution of literature, the delivery of a short lecture and the establishment of Credit Union cells within the school system. TECU looks forward to an upsurge of new youthful members as a consequence of this programme.

Mother with two children pointing to laptop screen