Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The B.O.D. is elected by the Credit Union’s membership during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and reports to the general membership. The board is part of the overall management team which includes the supervisory and credit committees. The board has the responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for directing and controlling the affairs of the Credit Union as well as providing effective and efficient management of the overall operations.

Mr. Kenneth Allum, President
Mr. Kenneth Allum, President
MR. Kent BYer, Vice President
Ilitty Mollino
Ms. Ilitty Mollino, Honorary Treasurer
Mrs. Sandra Matthews-Noel
Mr. Leonard Chan Chow
Mrs. Inga Crichlow, Director
Mr. Ian-Michael Haynes, Director
Mr. Jason Matthews, Director
Mr. Anthony Solomon, Director
Mr. Stephen Tang, Director
TECU - Patrice Melissa Valentine
Ms. Patrice Valentine, Director
Brent Zephyrine
Mr. Brent Zephyrine, Director
Mr. Orville Andrews, first Alternate
Ms. Chela Bhimull, Second Alternate