Latest Loan Rates

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New Vehicle 0.49%-0.6%
Character 1%
RORO/Used Vehicle 1%
1ST Mortgage 0.5%
2ND Mortgage 0.58%
Fully-secured 0.75%

All rates are subject to change without notice.


BYE-LAWS are the written rules that regulate and govern the business of The Credit Union and are required by the Credit Union Act. BYE-LAWS are important as they ensure there is good governance and accountability of staff and board to the members of the Credit Union.

The BYE-LAWS must be approved by the membership. Credit Union members are asked to vote for or against all BYE-LAW amendments at the Annual General Meeting. If BYE-LAW changes are required prior to the Annual General Meeting, a special meeting of all members would be called to approve the BYE-LAW.

Download TECU Bye-Laws