Society Awards

1971 – Public Service Medal of Merit (Gold) for Community Service on the 9th Anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago Independence

1973 (October) – The CUNA Mutual Trophy for the development of lands at Sum Sum Hill and the Mayaro Beach facility

1986 (October) – Meritorious Service to the Credit Union Movement: “Service to the Membership”

1994 – National Training Board of Trinidad and Tobago’s Certificate of Appreciation for our Co-operation and Contribution to the “On the Job Training Programme” (OJT)

1996 (September) – Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation for the Volume of Units sold

1996 (October) – Institutional Award of the Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago (CCULTT) in recognition of TECU’s contribution to its membership over the past 50 years, presented by the Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. Basdeo Panday

1998 – Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago for being the “Best Performing Credit Union” (Large) for the PEARLS RATIOS for Financial Performance

1999 – Award from the Co-operative Division of the Ministry of Labour and Co-operatives on our 50th Anniversary for our “Significant and Outstanding Contribution towards the growth and development of the Co-operative movement in Trinidad and Tobago”

2000 – CUNA Award for the most Innovative Promotion of the Family Indemnity Plan

2001 – Award for the “Best Performing” Credit Union (Large) Finance by the Credit Union of League of Trinidad and Tobago (CCULTT)

2002 – Most Outstanding PEARLS Performance (Large) (CCULTT)

Individual Awards

October 1984 – Mr. B. G. Winchester for his contribution to Credit Unionism by the Credit Union League of Trinidad and Tobago

October 1986 – Award to Mr. C. R. Cheeseman

October 1987 – Award to Thomas Benjamin